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Suspension of the russian federation and belarus from CEPT Membership

17 Mar 2022, 14:23

Outcome of the written procedure with the CEPT Assembly regarding suspension of the Russian Federation and Belarus from CEPT Membership. Based on a request from a number of CEPT members, the CEPT Presidency carried out a written procedure, in accordance with the CEPT Arrangement, on the proposal to suspend indefinitely and with immediate effect the memberships of the Russian Federation and Belarus in the CEPT. Thirty-four responses were received to the CEPT Assembly letter in support of the proposal and one abstention. Based on the above, the CEPT Assembly has therefore decided:

  1. to suspend indefinitely memberships of the Russian Federation and Belarus in the CEPT.

  2. that the suspension of the said CEPT members will take effect as from 00:00 (CET), 18 March 2022.

  3. that any future readmission to the CEPT would follow the usual rules established in the CEPT Arrangement, notably the need for a two-thirds majority of members of the CEPT to endorse such a decision.

Moreover, the CEPT Presidency requested the Office to take all necessary measures in order to set in place the above-mentioned decisions. The CEPT Presidency


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